No warranties and no support for this versions of CMSimple since 2012!

Keine Garantie und kein Service für diese Versionen von CMSimple seit 2012!

!!! Development abandoned - Entwicklung eingestellt !!!

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CMSimple > Installer's Manual

Installer's Manual

INSTALLING CMSimple - An overview.

These pages explain how you install CMSimple on your clients machine. They explain how to download the distribution, customise the layout and upload the files to a remote server. They explain how to use the scripting language and how to include some well known and reliable add ons.

Users contribute to a support forum and a selection of commonly asked questions are answered in the FAQs.

CMSimple is designed to run on many browsers, under many versions of PHP under two operating systems. Not surprisingly CMSimple cannot anticipate all the changes and restrictions that may be imposed on you by your webserver.