No warranties and no support for this versions of CMSimple since 2012!

Keine Garantie und kein Service für diese Versionen von CMSimple seit 2012!

!!! Development abandoned - Entwicklung eingestellt !!!

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To all Open Source enthusiasts CMSimple is distributed under the GPL3. CMSimple is free to use.

Please check the requirements.

Download CMSimple 3.4

(All languages included)

Known issue (17.09.2012):

Function hex2bin is now in php v5.4.0+. image.php may need a fix to work in php v5.4x


For information about changes, please see the Changelog.

For information on how to update from an earlier version of CMSimple, please read here.

For information about the external editors, please see External editors.

Further information on template and stylesheet design is included in the online Installer's Manual.

After downloading please refer to the Installer's Manual including this very important announcement about security issues.

About Languages

CMSimple supports more than 30 languages.

Abbreviations for languages in the distribution are given by ISO 639-1 Language Codes, except some languages with more than one charset.

Please note, that a lot of the distributed language files have not been updated to version 2.8.

Variables not used anymore - to be deleted in language files:



To be added in language files (see en.php for location):


To be added in $tx['editor']['buttons'] in language files (see en.php for location):

["inserthorizontalrule","Horizontal Rule","Insert Horizontal Rule"],

["removeformat","Remove Format","Remove font style formats"],

New language files

To create a new language file in your CMSimple installation, copy one of the the language files in the /cmsimple/languages folder and give it a 2-letter name defined by ISO 639-1 Language Codes.

After this is done, change the default language under 'Settings -> Edit Configuration', when logged in.

Then you are able to translate the language file under 'Settings -> Edit language'.

Also, place a flag icon in /images/flags/ using the same 2-letter name.

CMSimple layout template sites

Please under see references.

Editor Buttons

If you want to change the editor buttons - place the gifs in a folder images/editor - if this folder does not exist or is empty, CMSimple will use the gifs from image.php. (8 KB) Updated March 12. 2007


For addons and plugins, please see this page.


Copy'n'paste from ie. Word and Internet without text formatting

Download PureText 2.0 (exe-file, 28 KB)