No warranties and no support for this versions of CMSimple since 2012!

Keine Garantie und kein Service für diese Versionen von CMSimple seit 2012!

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Addons and plugins

Site about CMSimple plugins: 

The plugin loader is available at

CMSimple plugins by jat-at-home
Advanced Form, Advanced News, Advanced Download, Advanced Guestbook, Advanced Newsletter, Affiliates, Advanced Linkpage,
Advanced Poll, Advanced Page Statistics

CMSimple-Plugins by QualiFIRE
GBook - Guestbook, WDir - Webdirectory

CMSimple plugins by xtc
GXSecurity, GXGetUrl, GXLink, GXRoute

HTML to RSS Generator by Jaap Rumping


CMSimple plugins by
Register Plugin, ContactUs Plugin

CMSimple Gallery

Download CMSimple Gallery 0.1 (35.4 KB)
Released April 16. 2006 - follow instructions within file /plugins/index.php


Download cutenews.php for version 2.6 (1KB) - cutenews25.php (1KB) for version 2.5 - cutenews31.php (1 KB) for version 2.9-3.2 -  follow instructions within file.

Jax Calender

Download jax_calendar for CMSimple (109.7 KB) - see jax_calendar.txt for information

CMSimple layout template sites

Please see under Templates.

External editors

Please see under Downloads section.