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CMSimple 5.15 is available for download. This download can be used for new installations and for updates as well.

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Since CMSimple 4.0.3 a new URI separator is used. It was necessary for working facebook links. If you want to convert an old CMSimple website to CMSimple 5.15, read the relevant pages of the documentation carefully !!!

The folders, beginning with "2", are copy templates for second languages and subsites and are not needed on the webserver.

Download CMSimple 5.15 »
(ca. 1.7 MByte zip - 2024-03-25)


Before you update a CMSimple Installation, you should make a backup of the whole installation on your PC.

From CMSimple 5.11 there is no separate download for updates anymore, for updates of CMSimple 4.0 or higher the normal CMSimple download can be used.

The unzipped download on the PC can simply be uploaded over the existing CMSimple installation. After that you can log in as usual and check the success of the update under:

Settings => System Info

It is recommended to run the updates regularly.

In case of problems after the update, please do the following steps:

  • give the new file ./cmsimple/log.php writing permissions (chmod 666)
  • go to Settings => CMS and save it once (1x).
  • go to Settings => language and save it once (1x).
  • open one page and save it once (1x).
  • Delete cookies and clear browser cache
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CMSimple News

CMSimple is ready for php 8.4
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CMSimple 5.15 published


The drag&drop functionality of the pagemanager and the routine for switching to h1only pagesplitting have been significantly improved.

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USBWebserver CMSimple


Testen Sie CMSimple ganz einfach mit USBWebserver offline auf Ihrem PC.

OnlineShop für CMSimple

OnlineShop für CMSimple

Jetzt gibt es bei den csvShop, ein OnlineShop Plugin für CMSimple. Selbstverständlich voll responsiv für Smartphones & Co.


Responsive templates are suitable for all visual output devices, from smartphones up to HD screen.

Test the responsive templates of

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With plugins you can extend the functionality of CMSimple. There are Blogs, Comments, Photo Galleries, MultiMedia, MembersArea and much more.

Here you can find demos for most of the available plugins:

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Sponsors Area

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You also can support CMSimple by donation:

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