Before you update a CMSimple Installation, you should make a backup of the whole installation on your PC.

An update CMSimple 4.0 => 5.3 is available, with this update you can update your installation of  CMSimple 4.x.x absolutely easily to CMSimple 5.3.

You also should update the language files of CMSimple.

Get the new language files »

Download Update CMSimple 4.0 => 5.3 »
(ca. 1.4 MByte zip - 2021-01-14)

The folders, beginning with "2", are copy templates for second languages and subsites and not needed on the webserver.

Just upload the other folders (not beginning with "2") and files to the root folder of your CMSimple installation and ignore any browser messages (eg "ok" to confirm).

Following folders and files should be writable for an update:

An update is recommended.

This update does NOT change the URI separator, it will only allow multi-character URI separators.

After the update, do the following steps: