Query re. default template for CMSimple 4.7.8

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Query re. default template for CMSimple 4.7.8

Post by robh »


I have been struggling to change the banner image (or header image if that's the name that's used for it) at the top of all pages.

I haven't been able to find the section of the documentation that describes this. Apologies if I have missed it, or misunderstood what was being described.

I should like to use a different banner / header image.

I've tried changing what appeared to be the relevant line to specify a different file name in
and putting an image with that file name in

but this didn't work.

- Where is this described in the documentation? Does the description include...
- Does the image have to be a GIF (the default I think) or can it be a JPG or PNG or other?
- Where is the image file name specified in this version of CMSimple?
- Where should the image file be located?

Many thanks for pointers.


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Re: Query re. default template for CMSimple 4.7.8

Post by Gert »

Hello Robert,

please use the right mouse button to find out, where the logo and the background image are located, and how they are named. I would have to search in my old archives, to find the default template of CMSimple 4.7.8 ...


PS: A link could be helpful to help ;)
Gert Ebersbach | CMSimple | Templates - Plugins - Services
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