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Posted: Fri 19. Apr 2013, 17:24
by studerf
Of the website find I following error message. This, when I want to login of the website

security_wwwaut should only be set true, when Server API is apache - your is
cgi-fcgi - please see

Thanks for your help.


Re: security_wwwaut

Posted: Sat 20. Apr 2013, 10:18
by Gert

the old CMSimple is not supported anymore, security type wwwaut is removed from CMSimple 4.

Set security type to "page".

If you not can login, you have to do that manually in ./cmsimple/config.php :

Code: Select all

Download the config.php, edit it with a text editor and upload it to the old place.

The best solution would be to update to CMSimple 4, here you find the instructions: ... d_versions