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Re: Versionsprüfung schlägt fehl

Posted: Tue 2. Jul 2019, 15:06
by Gert
ffelicia wrote:
Tue 2. Jul 2019, 13:17
If it is a server-problem, what kind ogf problem and what kind og correction is needed ?
Here the last post of Frank-HRO » Fr 21. Dez 2018, 18:45 :
Frank-HRO wrote:
Fri 21. Dec 2018, 18:45
Der Provider hat einen Umzug der Seite auf einen anderen Server realisiert. Jetzt klappt auch wieder die Versionsprüfung.
Translated to English:

"The provider has realized a move of the site to another server. Now the version check is working again."

My recommendation: Ask your provider, regarding "file_get_contents()" and/or "curl" (of files from other servers). If it is not possible to open/read files from or, the version check will fail, and you should deactivate it in your CMS Configuration, or change the provider,


Re: Versionsprüfung schlägt fehl

Posted: Fri 5. Jul 2019, 17:08
by ffelicia
Thank you for very immediated response (as usual), The get_fil ehint was useful
My provider have now given me a answer "Our engineers state that the problem arose due to a blockage of our IP addresses. This one is now lifted and everything should work again.", and it is true, the problem has gone.

Best regard