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Italian language

Posted: Thu 4. May 2017, 18:44
by rikriz
Good afternoon,
I am new here, just arrived, although I know very well the old version of CMSimple.
I translate the ./cmsimple/languages/en.php file into Italian.
Then can I post it here?

Thank you ;)

Re: Italian language

Posted: Fri 5. May 2017, 09:18
by Gert

welcome to CMSimple ;)

Thanks for your offer. Of course you can publish your italian language file here in the Forum.

But you should provide it for download somewhere on your own website, and you will get a link from here:

You will be fully responsible to hold the language file up to date, and you should check the language file after every new version of CMSimple. After some time you can be the Italian Partner of CMSimple ;)


Re: Italian language

Posted: Wed 10. May 2017, 22:20
by rikriz
Hi Gert,

Thank you so much...

I'm halfway through translation, because this weekend I've been on vacation.

For publication, I first try it locally, and then maybe I'll forward it by mail, and I'll definitely try to keep it up to date, even for the holders.

See you soon...


Re: Italian language

Posted: Wed 19. Jul 2017, 07:25
by Thice1984
From my point of view its not a problem, but its admin decision! i'm just getting anxiety by thinking that it could be worse... but anyway, it is not me who can decide.