Пример заполнения

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Пример заполнения

Postby Maxim » Fri 20. Dec 2013, 11:12

Image Здравствуйте.
Можете показать пример заполнения:
CoAuthorFolder - что это?
Die_Autoren_Seite - что это?

Куда разархивировать файл "CMSimpleCoAuthors_431.zip"?
Для чего нужна папка "userfiles/co_author" ?

Image Guten Tag.
Zeigen können, ist ein Beispiel für die Füllung:
CoAuthorFolder - was ist das?
Die_Autoren_Seite - was ist das?

Wohin Entpacke die Datei "CMSimpleCoAuthors_431.zip"?
Wofür ist der Ordner "userfiles/co_author" ?

Image Hello.
Can you show how to fill in:
CoAuthorFolder - what is it?
Die_Autoren_Seite - what is it?

Where to unzip the file "CMSimpleCoAuthors_431.zip" ?
Why do you need a folder "userfiles/co_author" ?

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Re: Пример заполнения

Postby Gert » Fri 20. Dec 2013, 12:23

Maxim wrote:Can you show how to fill in:


Code: Select all



Maxim wrote:Where to unzip the file "CMSimpleCoAuthors_431.zip" ?

On your PC ...

Install CMSimpleCoAuthors in a subfolder of the CMSimpleRootFolder, for example: ./author1/

In CMSimple 4 you don't need CMSimpleCoAuthors, you can make a copy of the folder 2author.

Maxim wrote:Why do you need a folder "userfiles/co_author" ?

There the .txt files (created from all h1 pages of the CMSimpleCoAuthors website), for including in the main installation. This folder must be writable.

For the second code example a file second_h1_page.txt will be stored in the folder .userfiles/co_author/ of the autho1 installation.

Have a look at the demo website (watch the adress line of the browser):


And you should read this and the following pages:


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