How to implement plugins

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How to implement plugins

Post by Sigsgaard » Sat 26. Dec 2015, 16:42

I want to install G-Book and Fotobox 2.5, I have installed the to plugins in the plugin folder, but how do I get them to Work under my buttoms?

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Re: How to implement plugins

Post by ffelicia » Wed 13. Jan 2016, 22:40

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how do I get them to Work under my buttoms
A answer seems missing on this very straigth and basic forward question. It is well documented in plugin manager description.

Suppose "Buttoms" is pages in your sites menu.

After upload of the plugin you can select PLUGINS in admin menu.line in top of the admin screen,
Check in the manager status that plugin is activated, and then select the plugin (fotoboxes as example) in the drop-list of plugins from menu PLUGINS
Select plugin-config and check the datafilepath, ftp-upload a folder with appropiate photos to that path and the name of the folder will be name of gallery.
In EDIT GALLERY you can select the gallery
Finally and also first select PLUGIN HELP with detailed description and copy-paste example of the plugin shortcode you shall paste-adjust where you want your gallery to show-up.


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