BackupMail - FotoGalerie - FotoPro - security updates

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BackupMail - FotoGalerie - FotoPro - security updates

Postby Gert » Wed 7. May 2014, 19:35


in the last weeks, security problems with CMSimple have become known which may occur if register_globals = ON. This setting will no longer be available in upcoming versions of php, but I have the security hole in CMSimple 4.4.1 closed. A further similar security hole I have closed today, so you should run the update once again.

After further investigation of the internal plugins, I will shortly publish CMSimple 4.4.2.

The same problem (as I said, only if register_globals = ON - not really a usual setting anymore) is probably in some plugins. I will check all my plugins in the next few days and release new versions, so that CMSimple is also safe in php versions earlier than 5.4 and with register_globals = ON.

For BackupMail, FotoGalerie and FotoPro I already have released new versions:

Download BackupMail 1.4:

Download FotoGalerie 7.2:

Download FotoPro 1.3:

After the update to FotoPro 1.3, you should call and save each gallery once (1x) in the plugin backend.

Other new versions for the remaining plugins will follow in the next few days,

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