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Anyone still has DotcomWebDesigns or Archived CMSimple Templates?

Posted: Fri 23. Feb 2018, 04:41
by Jurugi
There used to be over 100 good CMSimple templates to choose from, but it seems many of those websites died now. I have only 1 or 2 good templates that work now.. many others are quite bad or too simple with bad designs/trees other things that tend to ruin the design (as if anyone wants to run like a cake business off cmsimple lol wtf or some other nonsense). Just wanted to drop by and ask Does anyone have an old archive or .rar/.zip of the old CMSimple Templates for 3.0 and through the years? If not seems better to just move on at this point. I wanted a parchment or a blue/black plain theme but many of them are now seemingly broken, bad, incompatible, have unrelated image/logos, etc.