What is CMSimple?

CMSimple is a content management system (CMS), which requires no database. All data are stored in 2 files, content.htm (content) and pagedata.php (page-related data).

The installation is very easy:

The new CMSimple is "ready for html5", which means, that you can produce html5-valid pages with CMSimple. If you don't know what html5 is: This is the world wide accepted web standard of the future.

Since version 5.1 CMSimple is ready for php 8. Plugins from ge-webdesign.de also are ready for php 8.

CMSimple separates content and design strictly (as almost every modern CMS). Thus, the appearance of your CMSimple website can be fundamentally changed within a few minutes.

This is achieved by so-called templates. Simply upload a new template and activate it, and you do not recognize your CMSimple website again. Modern and html5 valid templates can be found here:

CMSimple templates by ge-webdesign.de ยป