Infos for Users

Here are a few hints for the "normal user", who is already a little bit familiar with CMSimple.

Multilingual Websites

Multilingual websites are working exactly as in the old CMSimple. There are only a few more files to make writable (chmod 666), and the main language (language of the main installation / main site) must be set, so that the language menu works properly.

The difference is, that second languages are fully configurable now, exactly like the main installation (main language, main site). For that a folder " 2lang " (a copy template for second languages) is contained in the download, with a config.php, that you have to make ​​writable after the installation.

If you delete the config.php of a second language, the second language works with the configuration of the main installation.


Subsites are working just like second languages​​, but they will not appear in the language menu. Subsites can also be multilingual.

Subsites are operated in a subfolder of the CMSimpleRoot, the copy template for subsites is the folder "2site", just copy it to your CMSimpleRoot folder and rename it.

Subsites should be installed in a folder with more than 2 characters, so they can be distinguished from the second languages ​​of the main installation.

The copy template for a second language of a subsite is the folder "2site2lang", it includes all necessary files. Copy it to your Subsite folder and rename it to a 2-characters folder (en, de, fr ...).