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What actually is CMSimpleCoAuthors?

When I presented the project in the CMSimple forum, there was a heated discussion about what actually is CoAuthors for now or what it should be.

A MultiUser System? Does CMSimple, basically a single user system, need it?

Is CMSimpleCoAuthors a MultiUser System?

Not really, because from a multiuser system it is expected, that users can create pages and publish themselves, according to their rights. That's not possible with CoAuthors. The contents, created by the author, have to be published by the administrator of the public website.

The author can write, but not publish.

What is CMSimpleCoAuthors?

It's simple: It is an authors system. As in real life: The author writes, the publisher publishes.

So it is a publishing and authoring system. Is there really such a thing already, or did I invent something entirely new?

Back to Reality

But I think, the real usage will be to simulate a limited MultiUser System.

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CMSimple News

CMSimple is ready for php 8
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CMSimple 5.4 published


Some small improvements in the backend, and preparation of the editor for FontAwesome, which is available as a plugin since a few days.

An "easy to install" update
CMSimple 4.0 => 5.4
also is available.

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NEW in 4.8: Backup Manager

With the new Backup Manager you can restore and delete backups by the CMSimple backend.

NEW in 4.7.6: Admin Login

Since CMSimple 4.7.6, you can lock the permission to configure CMSimple and plugins for authors, and set up an admin login. The admin is allowed to do everything.

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Responsive templates are suitable for all visual output devices, from smartphones up to HD screen.

Test the responsive templates of ge-webdesign.de:

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With plugins you can extend the functionality of CMSimple. There are Blogs, Comments, Photo Galleries, MultiMedia, MembersArea and much more.

Here you can find demos for most of the available plugins:

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