CMSimple Plugins in CMSimpleCoAuthors

Plugins must always be installed in both installations (main website AND Autoreninstallation), for a working integration of text files with plugin data.

In a CoAuthors installation all "not data generating" plugins (like TableSort) also are working without problems.

Data generating plugins do not work without some modifications.

But it is not a problem to modify such plugins for usage in a CoAuthors installation of CMSimpleCoAuthors. The plugin only have to realize, that it is inserted with the plugin CoAuthors into a page, and customize the data path accordingly.

In the Demo already are working:

All 4 plugins are "data generating plugins".

This 4 plugins I will provide as new versions for download, so that definitely the functions photo gallery, video, mp3, comments, guestbook and blog will be available, also for the external authors.

To the download pages: