Creating and Deleting Pages

The Pagemanager

CMSimple 4.0 and higher has a pagemanager, which you can call via the menu item "pages" in the admin menu. With the Page Manager you can create and delete pages and move entire branches (with all subpages).

It also is possible to use the pagemanager to hide pages from the navigation menu and publish again.

Changes will only be effective, if you click the "save" button below the pagemanager.

Create pages by hand

Basically, Pagemanager is recommended for creating and deleting CMSimple pages. The page manager also monitors the correctness of the page structure.

The following descriptions refer to CMSimple 5 and higher.  To CMSimple 4 and older following applies:

etc., depending on the configuration.

To create a new page, simply go to the end of the page that will be the preceding page of the new page. Enter the heading and format it as pagesplitting headline, depending which menulevel you want to assign to your new page.

<h1 class="_level1_page_">Menulevel1 Page</h1>

You can do that in the sourcecode view of the editor, or use Format => Formate => Blockformate, if alvailable in your toolbar.

After saving your input, CMSimple will create the new page. Now you can navigate to this page and enter your content.

Please note:

Deleting a CMSimple Page

You can delete a CMSimple page by going to the page, deleting everything in edit mode and saving the empty page.

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