Restore a Backup of contents

At every Logout, CMSimple creates copies of content.htm and pagedata.php. If is reached the "number of backups", specified in the CMS configuration backups, at the same time the oldest backup will be deleted.

Before you activate a backup , please make a backup of content.htm, pagedata.php and all available backups on your PC !!!

In addition to content.htm and pagedata.php, located in the directory /content/  of your CMSimple installation,  files with a date code will be created:

If you want to restore one of these backups, at first you have to rename content.htm and pagedata.php somehow, so that you recognize them when needed.

Then rename a couple of content.htm and pagedata.php with the same date code (remove the date code). These two files (content.htm pagedata.php) are the current content files for CMSimple now.

Now the backup has been restored.