The userfiles folder

In CMSimple 4.x all folders for files, that are uploaded by the user, are subfolders of the folder "userfiles" in the CMSimple Root.

If you convert an existing page from an old CMSimple version, to CMSimple 4.0 or higher, you probably have a lot of images and downloads in the old folders "images/" and "downloads/" in the CMSimple Root.

In your content (content.htm) then these pictures, downloads and other files are appropriately linked or refered, and it would cause a lot of effort to change the links and image references in the content.htm.

Therefore CMSimple provides the ability to configure the folders for the user files back to the old folders "./images/" and "./downloads/". You can do that in the:

CMS configuration => Folders.

Just remove the "userfiles/" at the beginning, then CMSimple is working again with the old folders images and downloads in the CMSimple Root.