Restricted access to the CMS configuration

When an administrator installs CMSimple for a novice or customers, he can restrict his access to the configuration in 2 levels.

He can block the access to the configuration via Admin menu, that will be sufficient in most cases. Who knows how to do it, can still call the configuration via browser's address bar.

The access to the configuration can also be locked general, so it also by address bar is no longer accessible. In this case, the restoration of access to the configuration is only possible via ftp.

This access restrictions can be set individually for each secondary language or subsite.

Since CMSimple 4.7 there is only the complete blocking of access to the configuration and an admin login with all rights.

Admin Login

IN CMSimple 4.6.5 and higher you can activate an Admin Login. This allows you to configure CMSimple in spite of the disabled configuration.

The following steps activates the Admin Login:

The access to the CMS configuration is blocked now, but you can login with the username "admin", this way you will get access to the CMS configuration. You also can allow the access to the MS configuration for other users again.

You can change the username by editing the file cmsimpleAdmin.php directly into a text editor (not a text processing program!):

// CMSimple Admin User:
$cmsimpleAdminUser = 'admin';

Thus the username is like a separate password for the Admin Login.